The Imp

This tiny but trendy cafe on the burgeoning Victoria Park strip has a reputation for good coffee and tasty brekkies and cakes. I had been here a few times for coffee and cake, and once for breakfast and the food was good, so we decided to try this out again for brekkie.

The Imp was customarily busy on this Sunday morning and folk were packed into the tightly crammed tables, while others queued for to pay, order and for takeaway coffees. It seems every time I pass by this place there is an ambulance sitting outside, not because the diners need to be stretchered away, but more because the paramedics seem to love the coffee here!

We were lucky to get a table within, though there were a few spare barstools at the shopfront window counter too. The latter, we had found on a previous visit, is not a bad place to while away time, munching, sipping coffee, checking out the weekend astrology stars in the proffered newspapers and generally watching the world go past. Within, the tables really are a cosy few inches away from each other and whilst adding to the charm when with mates, may not be the best place to bring a first date where you are cosier with the table next door than to your date!

It was going to be the Breakfast BLT with poached egg, crispy pancetta, rocket, roast tomato, parmesan & balsamic with a flat white for my friend and the Fried butterbeans, feta, spinach, tomato and sumac for me. The beans did come with an option of chorizo added into the melange, but I opted for extra eggs (poached) on the side.

Feta and bean cassoulet

The food duly arrived a little tardy, but forgiveably so, given the general hub-bub. Interestingly my bean dish, more a casserole turned up sans bread! No, it wasn’t advertised with bread, toast or anything, so strictly speaking I got what I ordered, but who serves a cassoulet type dish without something to mop, dip or absorb the full saucy goodness – especially as there was no spoon presented in the cutlery set. Anyway, the dish was good, a little lacking in seasoning (possibly due to the fact that it came with feta which was meant to provide some saltiness, and is often served with chorizo for the meatlovers, for the same purpose). I had to order extra bread – which took ages to come and quite surprisingly cost $6 for two slices of multigrain with a pat of butter!! I know Perth is pricey & I don’t mind paying good money for quality goods and services, but seriously this was a little unreasonable.

On the bright side, my companion had a very nice breakfast with the pancetta done to a crispy turn as promised and everthing else, including and especially the coffee being applauded.

All in, not a bad way to start a weekend morning, though given the cosiness may look for other more roomy brunch venues to stretch my legs and chill out in….after all I am in Western Australia where space is not usually an issue!

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