The Partisan – East Perth

Great view of Claisebrook inlet

We were looking for a coffee place in East Perth, and Toast was closed, so decided to try the Partisan just next door which enjoys the same Claisebrook inlet views, and chose to sit outside – that is after we managed to get someone’s attention to let us know if we could just take a seat wherever.

The place was quite full, especially the alfresco area, but we did manage to get seats at the wooden bar/bench cleverly wrapped around a pretty Poinciana tree and facing the water. Once seated it took a few moments for us to get our coffee order in (only one- I was on the diet coke), and not needing many excuses to eat, also asked for the menus. Unfortunately, following this, it took over 20 minutes to get anyone’s attention to order snacks and we only managed to order when the coffee eventually arrived. For the record the coffee was good, but nothing to write home about.

The Mediterranean menu was pleasing to me, being quite the Francophile and noticing the Croque Monsieur and Madame, croissants and the incorrectly spelt “Moules Marinare” (Mariniere). There was also Jerez Eggs (eggs in a roasted tomato and cumin sauce with chorizo and chilli-jam) – sounded like a zingier twist on Huevos con chorizo, though I doubt there is any Sherry actually used in the dish or that they do this version in Jerez to justify the name. Sadly I only noticed this after we had ordered, so didn’t get to try it. We ended up ordering a Croque Monsieur and a Chocolate croissant to share.

The food, when it did turned up, was presented well enough, though I was a little surprised to see the Pain au chocolat somewhat larger than usual (no complaints) but served with thickened cream! A novel take. The Croque Monsieur was simple but effective with the herby swiss cheese lending heaps of flavour and the toastie being crisp and light. The chocolate croissant was unusually served warm, and I did try dunking bits in the cream for a decadent variation which was quite pleasant despite the guilt over the extra calories.
Served warm and with cream - interesting!

We had more trouble trying to get someone’s attention for the bill, so we dragged ourselves from the view to pay inside. The decor inside was quite trendy and reminiscent of a Parisian bistro, and it did make me want to come back and try dinner there sometime. Pleasant food and great vista, just the lengthy waits for ordering and eating a bit of a let down. I certainly won’t hold that against them this time, but will be back to try those Spanish eggs for breakfast or even dinner with their tasty-looking Mediterannean influenced night menu.

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2 thoughts on “The Partisan – East Perth”

  1. I would go hungry at this place – enough trouble trying to order stuff in English, let alone French. Didn’t understand half of what you wrote.

    Ps. Learn to bloody drink some coffee, all that coke is going to rot your guts.

  2. What are you like?!! Don’t worry, there is a description of each dish, in plain ol’English, in the menus.
    I tried coffee a looooong time ago – gave me heartburn!! – the smell though is divine, so never minded living with a coffee afficianado.
    The next review is more to your taste…

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